A Shot in the Dark First Place Roast - Baho Bugoyi, Rwanda

A Shot in the Dark First Place Roast - Baho Bugoyi, Rwanda

Hints of apricot, caramel, jasmine, and victory!

The Coffee Magazine organise a roasting competition each year. This year we thought we'd enter. This is the roast we submitted for blind scoring to win the finals round of the competition.

LONG, BORING, DETAILED BIT: 50+ roasters received the same coffee and each submitted a roast for blind scoring in the preliminary round of the competition. You may remember this release of the roast that got us to 6th place in the qualifying round. The top 10 progressed to the finals round and received a new coffee, a washed red bourbon from the Bugoyi station in Rwanda, to roast and submit for blind scoring.

TL;DR: Here's a taste of our winning approach to roasting this lot. It's a fresh boi with vibrantĀ stone fruit acidity and apricot flavour (kinda like apricot sweets), that moves to caramel, with hints of jasmine florals and a sweet black tea finish.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY: yup, there are only about 20-odd boxes of this, and roasts may be a few weeks old at time of purchase ā€“ it took a couple weeks for winners to be announced. Don't worry, we've brewed this on the bar and things are still very tasty.