Set of Three Co-Ferments by Jairo Arcila

Set of Three Co-Ferments by Jairo Arcila

Three honey-processed lots by Jairo Arcila co-fermented with different fruits.

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This collection begs the question: have we gone too far?

Processing has come a long way in recent years. But with innovations have come accusations – labels of infusion, adulteration, culturing. Are these as bad as purists purport? Or just another way for farmers to elevate and ensure the quality of their own harvest?

Rather than debate, let’s taste. Here are two pink bourbons and one castillo from producer, Jairo Arcila that push the boundaries of coffee processing. Cherry is picked at ideal ripeness by Jairo and his teams at Finca Villarazo and Finca Santa Mónica, then pulped.This is where it gets interesting.

Each lot undergoes a co-fermentation with a different fruit. Pulped cherry is placed in a dry anaerobic environment at 23ºC with strawberries, orange, or peach and inoculated with wine yeast. The fermentation progresses for 48-72hrs before the lot is removed and shade-dried on beds.

The result is three dramatically distinct, utterly delicious lots. Is this coffee? Yes. Is this too far? The answer is in the cup.

FINAL roast date: 08/08/2023 – This is the final roast of this coffee.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range. You will receive 1x 84g pack of each of the 3x co-fermented lots. 

Due to limited availability and smaller pack size we have not listed grind options as variants. Each co-fermented lot is shipped in a clear resealable non-valved pouch, this will not affect quality in any way. Store within the box the coffee ships in.