Finca Deborah Geisha Cascara Tea, Panama

Finca Deborah Geisha Cascara Tea, Panama

Cascara tea is a fruit infusion made from the dried skins of the coffee cherry. And into this box we've put some hella premium dried coffee skins for you.

Yup, these are cherry skins retained from the pulping of Finca Deborah's famed washed geisha from producer Jamison Savage. They're cleaned, sun-dried, and packed ready to create the base for a 👌👌👌 coffee fruit tea infusion.

To prepare:
1. Grab a plunger or teapot (we use a Hario Range Server with the lid on to hold back the skins)
2. Pour 200g of 92ºC filtered (!) water onto 9g of cascara
3. Steep for at least 3mins, stirring for 10" halfway
4. Drink as is, or chuck over ice to freshen up a hot day.

Expect an elegant, fruity brew with HUGE honey and apricot sweetness, intense florals, crisp pineapple acidity and a silky silky mouthfeel.

(Bonus: skins can be brewed a second time to make each pot go further)

This is a 100g pack