Luis Anibal Calderon Anaerobic Washed Gesha, Huila, Colombia

Luis Anibal Calderon Anaerobic Washed Gesha, Huila, Colombia

Floral, crisp, and delicately clean. This is a gesha expression that delivers on the greatest hits of the genre.

Cultivated by rare varietal specialist, Luis Anibal Calderon at his farm, Villa Betulia, this lot has been treated to a meticulous three-stage fermentation.

Hand-picked ripe cherries are dry fermented in sealed bags for 48hrs at 20ºC. Cherry is then pulped and exposed to oxygen for 24hrs before returning to sealed bags for a further 48hr anaerobic fermentation. Seeds are washed to remove mucilage then bed-dried under temperature-controlled conditions.

While seemingly heavy on process, Luis has delivered an exceptionally light touch on the cup—a coffee that honours the ideals of the varietal.

Abundant florals are supported by a crisp lime acidity, huge caramel sweetness, and an elegant creaminess on the palate for cups that offer up chamomile, almond, stonefruit, and canelé.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range. Roast date: 5 April 2023. This is the final roast of this coffee.

Due to limited availability we have not listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.