Slurpy Set – Home Cupping Kit for Live Tasting Sat 16 May

Slurpy Set – Home Cupping Kit for Live Tasting Sat 16 May

This event has already taken place. Please see our IGTV to see how this went down and check back for the next Instagram Live Virtual Cupping.

With our monthly Public Cuppings in Lockdown Level 17 we don't anticipate being able to host you folks in our roastery for some coffee slurping any time soon.

But, through the magic of the internet we can send the cupping to your home.

So, if you've never been able to attend one of our cuppings, or just miss slurping coffee from a spoon, or who knows, maybe you're confined to your house to keep the apocalypse at bay and have nothing better to do on Saturday May 16th at 13h00, then this is your time!

We'll be hosting a cupping Live on Instagram and this kit lets you join in and cup along with us for a live tasting of our 5 freshest lots.

To make sure we’re all on the same page, the Slurpy Set includes:
— One vac-sealed pack with just the right amount of each coffee to cup (you can choose beans or we can grind for you)
— Placemats to cup along with (origin info, tasting notes, and order)
— Some easy-to-follow instructions
— And a sachet of minerals to add to a 5-litre bottle of Aquelle® water.

You'll need to grab a bottle of the Aquelle® water yourself beforehand, but don't worry, it's available pretty much everywhere. We'll give you the minerals to make it good for brewing. You'll also need to get some spoons (at least 2x dessert spoons, the deeper the bowl, the better). If you want the perfect cupping spoon, just add it to your cart right here.

Oh, and while you get to taste, you also get to do something nice. Half of the cost of each kit goes into a virtual tip jar for Jhb’s best baristas. Yes, our baristas.

A note on grinding: if you have a good home grinder or cafe quality bulk grinder (EK43 or similar) then opting for beans is cool, however if you own a spice grinder, espresso grinder or entry-level hand grinder, it would be better to opt for pre-ground as properly ground coffee trumps fresh (but poorly/unevenly) ground coffee for flavour and extraction. Also, consider if you'll be able to grind the 5 doses fast enough (under 5 mins) to practically participate with beans. If in doubt let us grind this for you – it'll be easier and we're vac-sealing each dose so you should still get a tasty bunch of the aromatics to enjoy.

NB: South African orders that include a Slurpy Set will only ship in the week of May 11 to ensure your cupping kit is as fresh as possible.