• Timemore Nano Manual Grinder
  • Timemore Nano Manual Grinder
  • Timemore Nano Manual Grinder

Timemore Nano Manual Grinder

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Okay, so you've added the word 'coffee' to your Insta bio, subscribed to James Hoffmann's YouTube channel, and you buy your beans from us.

The next step in taking coffee seriously is a really good grinder, because a good grind is going to make the most difference.

And, despite its compact dimensions, the Timemore Nano is a very serious grinder. Hardened steel burrs driven on a dual ball-bearing system, means you can turn your beans into bits quickly and very consistently.

Because the most serious way to describe anything is always with bullet points, here are all the things we like about the Nano:

1.  Tiny! So smol. Steel where necessary, aluminium everywhere else means this guy comes in at just 10cm tall and 375g 

2. Chestnut handle! It's a lovely touch and detachable

3. Brilliant across the spectrum. Produces very few fines on filter brews to hit you with crisp, clean brews, but can go fine enough to make silky, lush espresso too (be prepared for the workout though)

4. Adorbs carry case & tiny brush

5. Simple, fast adjustment with audible clicks makes dialling in and switching between settings effortless

6. Spring-loaded arm and sturdy construction make this grinder a pleasure to hold and fold away.



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