The Beaujolais Box


Bring back Beaujolais!

If you want to re-live (or cellar) the massive fun that The Official Opening Ceremony of Summer® brought, our Beaujolais Boxes are just the thing. Each box contains three wines, and sets the tone for a different journey around our favourite summer red.

Each box ships with a Beaujolais Fest '23 tote, and free delivery anywhere in SA is included 📦


Heavy Hitters 

The big guns, the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the apex predators. Morgon is often referred to as the Big Daddy of the Crus. Moulin-à-vent is renowned for its pretty florals that hit the nose immediately. And Côte de Brouilly is known for expressive, delicate and concentrated wines.

Châteaux Thivin Les Sept Vignes Côte de Brouilly

Made from seven different blocks that lay on Mont Brouilly, this showcases a true Beaujolais wine, it's whole-bunch, it's natural, it's big and juicy. A show-stopping classic.

Paul Janin Vignes du Tremblay Moulin-à-vent

Tales of opening Moulin-à-vent bottles from the 1920’s that rival new Beaujolais from 'lesser' crus is a telltale sign that these wines are made to age. We might not have 100-year-old bottles but we do have this exceptional expression from the Janin Family, who have owned the farm since 1918. This gamay shows great red and dark fruits and has the potential to age for years (or generations) to come.

Jean Foillard Côte du Py Morgon

Based in Morgon and only making wines from Morgon, Jean Foillard is arguably the winemaker of his generation. This is one of the most sought after Beaujolais wines. He is one of the pioneers of low-intervention, natural winemaking in Beaujolais and possibly the world. This wine is big and berry forward, the perfect example of top quality Beaujo.

Intro to Beaujo

New to wine? New to red wine? Beaujolais? Gamay? This box will keep things light and easy – exactly what we’re after in gamay. We've made sure there's an introduction to all kinds of Beaujo: a Villages level wine – easy to drink, affordable but still juicy. An accessible cru level wine from Fleurie – light, floral, and fresh. And a big banger cru wine from Morgon – big flavour, texture and huge energy from Domaine Vieux Bourg.

Dominique Piron Beaujolais Villages

Villages refers to the areas that didn't quite make it into a cru but are still of exceptional quality. More affordable in comparison to the likes of Morgon but still delivering the outsize value. This wine is all about the purity of the fruit and the texture of the wine.

Domaine des Marrans Les Marrans Fleurie

Made by young gun, Mathieu, this Domaine is one of the ones to be on the lookout for when learning about Beaujo. This Fleurie has an extraordinary coolness of fruit in its expression, it has huge potential for aging, if you're patient enough, you'll get huge rewards from this.

Domaine Vieux Bourg Javernières Morgon

Trust us when we say Morgon hits big, this wine is not going to disappoint. Dominique Piron, yes the same one from that other Dominique Piron wine pretended to retire and then crawled out of the woodwork with Clos du Vieux Bourg. Morgon is his specialty, and with vines over 60 years old this wine is beautifully concentrated and pure in its fruit.

Around the World

Can't decide where the best Gamay is from? Well, we have the perfect solution, try three different kinds. A classic from Côte de Brouilly, Beaujolais, France; a new world gamay from Radford Dale in Stellenbosch; and something from right field, well far east, Easthope in New Zealand.

Easthope Hawkes Bay Gamay, New Zealand

While New Zealand is often known as a good Sauvignon Blanc maker, we think they're sitting on quite the goldmine for gamay growing. This wine is 100% wholebunch fermented, but still shows great purity of fruit, you'll likely taste both floral elements and intense purple berries, something that may be unique to wines from New Zealand, you tell us.

Châteaux Thivin Les Sept Vignes Côte de Brouilly, France

Made from seven different blocks that lay on Mont Brouilly, this showcases a true Beaujolais wine, it's whole-bunch, it's natural, it's big and juicy. A show-stopping classic. We've paired it with the gamay guests to make sure you got the ultimate reference of a Beaujolais gamay.

Radford Dale Antidote Stellenbosch, South Africa

Start at home, get the feel for it, and build your courage up to trying something a little different. Radford Dale are not only importers of great gamay but also make this incredibly inviting and intriguing wine. This is our favourite expression of the varietal from SA soils.

Small Crus Big Wines

The smallest crus, producing probably the least amount of wine per year, but what they do make, they make extraordinarily well. Chiroubles is known for fresh and lifted wines, appropriate to their high slopes. This is contrasted by the floral and pretty Fleurie from Domaine de la Madone, a particularly special 2015 vintage. And lastly, Julienas, known for growing sturdier grapes which give us ageable wines.

Domaine Grosse Pierre Grille Midi Chiroubles

Pauline Passot, wife to Mathieu Melinand of Domaine des Marrans, is a third generation winemaker at Grosse Pierre. This is her own label, made from 50-year-old vines, is fruity, pure and thought-provoking.

Domaine de la Madone Dame de Petoche Fleurie

Taking the estate name from the chapel that overlooks the vineyards, this wine is not exclusively for the religious. With vast amounts of sunlight on the vineyards this wine reads more like a syrah than a light gamay. Being a 2015 vintage it's drinking at its prime for the next two years.

Domaine des Marrans Juliénas

This wine is from Domaine des Marrans, Mathieu Melinand, husband of Pauline Passot of Domaine Grosse Pierre. Julienas is a small cru allegedly named after Julius Caesar, this wine much like its namesake has big structure and body presenting with ripe dark berries.

Full Spectrum

The all-rounder of our Beaujo Boxes, showcasing a clean and easy drinking gamay from South Africa, a beautiful and bold Beaujolais Blanc, and the nattiest of Beaujolais wines we could get our hands on.

Château Cambon Cuvée du Chat Beaujolais

Made from 70 year-old vines situated in both Morgon and Fleurie, which means it's only classified as a 'Vin de France'. This wine is as wild as the label, a cat in a wine barrel. It's the nattiest of natty wines, crunchy, funky and full of character.

Chateau Thivin Clos du Rochebonne Beaujolais Blanc

Oui, a white wine from Beaujolais. The only Beaujolais Blanc in the line up, and it punches way above its weight. Only 3% of Beaujolais vines are chardonnay, and this one may be the best of the lot. The small vineyard is surrounded by walls built in the 16th century. With limestone and clay soils, this chardonnay is bright and refreshing, perfect for a summer's day.

Radford Dale Vinum Stellenbosch

We know natty tasting wines aren't for everyone, sometimes you want a bit more of a refined light red. This expression of SA gamay is the perfect example of how natural wine can still be refined and elegant.

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