Father x Acme 10 Year Union Mug

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NO NEWS HAS EVER BEEN BIGGER! The 10 Year Acme Union Mug is back!

A decade is the oldest we've ever been so we're celebrating with a year of merch releases.

Welcome to the latest instalment of this self-indulgence: the cutest batch brew mug that has ever existed. You can drink up to 230ml of other stuff from it too.

It's DRAMATICALLY limited which makes the ownership of this commemorative-never-to-be-repeated-until-it-does-get-repeated [we warned you] Acme Union mug that much more coveted and exclusive. Another 72 units of this wee beastie have dropped and now you can join the awfully smug ranks of the 36 others who have already snapped up their mug.

Made from high quality magnesium porcelain and dishwasher safe, make sure to update your will, this is gonna be an heirloom.

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