• Letty Geisha by Diego Samuel Bermudez
  • Letty Geisha by Diego Samuel Bermudez

Letty Geisha by Diego Samuel Bermudez

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Letty is the geisha Luke Letts, our roaster used to win the National Barista Champs. This incredible coffee also featured in each course of Luke's WBC set.

There are a lot of geishas out there, but this is a specific yellow geisha that's been grafted onto rootstock for the last five years to retain genetic consistency and delicousness with every harvest.

The real magic is in the processing. Diego's team in Cauca, Colombia start with ripe, sterilised coffee cherry. This is fermented in a stainless steel tank for 60hrs at 18°C, then depulped and placed back into a bioreactor with its own mucilage as well as a lactobacillus strain that drives a distinct tropical note during a second 48hr fermentation. Diego's signature thermal shock then locks in the flavour.

So elegant and sweet—look out for a bouquet of peach skin and jasmine, a palate of passionfruit, dried apricot, ripe strawberry, and an eternal candy finish.

This is a 250g box from our Special Release range.

Roast date: 03/07/24 

Notes: Based on our experience, the ideal rest time for this coffee is 16-21 days. 

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  • If the extensive description above doesn't explain what an insane coffee this is, nothing will.
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