• Chemex Pourover Brewer
  • Chemex Pourover Brewer

Chemex Pourover Brewer

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Trying to live inside an episode of Friends? Want to have to perform filter paper origami before every brew? Need a part-time flower vase? Well, do we have the brewer for you!

Alongside its iconic shape and therapeutic filter-folding requirements, the Chemex offers so much. So much body and big flavour. The thicker filters of this American brewer tend to flatten nuance and complexity compared to its Japanese pourover cousin, the V60, but there's little else that can deliver big, bold brews the way the Chemex can.

Available in two sizes: 3-cup (brews around 250-300ml) and 6-cup (brews from 250ml to 750ml). Filter papers for each are available here.

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