• Buwobodeya #7 Washed, Upper Bukyabo
  • Buwobodeya #7 Washed, Upper Bukyabo

Buwobodeya #7 Washed, Upper Bukyabo

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We don't often feature Ugandan coffees on our list, but when we do it's because they're bangers.

This washed release from The Coffee Gardens in the Eastern Region of Uganda brings big, bold, coating sweetness to the cup with orange, treacle, and blackberry singing the backing vocals.

Brilliant cherry filters, huge malty choc flat whites.

Product Details
  • Producers: The Coffee Gardens & Buwobodeya outgrowers
  • Region: Upper Bukyabo, Eastern Region
  • Variety: SL-14, SL-28 & Nyasaland
  • Altitude: 1800-220masl
  • Process: Pulped, pre-washed, cold soak, 40hr fermentation, shade table dried
  • Cupping Notes: Orange & blackberry, treacle & vanilla.
  • Brew Notes: Cherry filters. Citrus shots. Malty milk cortados
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