Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Castillo Y-05, Cauca, Colombia

Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Castillo Y-05, Cauca, Colombia

Breathe deep...

Diego's back!

For those who know, well that's all you need to know. For those who don't, read below for more info on some of the most exciting coffees available on earth rn.

First up, hyperprocessed? What nonsense is that you ask. Well, you try explain the way this stuff has been handled.

The short answer: it's quicker than saying "double anaerobic thermic shock evaporatively dried", the longer version is below:

To start, cherry goes through anaerobic fermentation for 48 hours in tanks with relief valves at a temperature of 18ºC. Following this coffee is pulped then takes another anaerobic fermentation bath in it's own mucilage for a further 96 hours at 18ºC.

Not done yet, the coffee hits a thermic shock wash to arrest any further development and lock flavour in. First these lots are dropped into 40ºC water, then cooled off in 12ºC water.

Then, to mitigate the ups and downs of variable climatic conditions these guys are dried incredibly fast inside Diego's own purpose-built closed circuit condensers over 34 hours at 35ºC and a relative humidity of 25%.

Who knows what it all means, all we're particularly sure of is that these are some of the most exciting coffees out there. So exciting we've got 3x of Diego's castillo experiments this season, for now Y-05 and P-02, but look out for T-06 in the new year.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range.

Due to limited availability we have not listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.