Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Geisha, Cauca, Colombia

Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Geisha, Cauca, Colombia

Okay, this one is magnificent.

This lot will change your idea of what coffee can be.

Our latest release from Diego Samuel Bermudez is quite probably the best coffee we've ever released and this lot has been taken through some of the most intentional and meticulous processing we've ever heard of.

The nine-step process begins with hand-picking geisha cherry grown at 1930masl on Diego's farm, El Paraiso, in Cauca, Colombia. A deliberate selection of 90% ripe and 10% semi-ripe cherry is made then washed in sterilised water to reduce microbial activity. The coffee then undergoes two anaerobic fermentations. First in cherry inside sealed tanks with a 2bar pressure relief valve at 18ºC for 60hrs. The coffee is then de-pulped and floated before returning to the tanks for a further 36hr maceration at 18ºC in an oxygen-free environment.

The flavours developed during fermentation are locked in with a thermic shock wash, by rinsing the coffee in 35ºC water followed by 12ºC water. And, finally, the parchment is dried in just 29hrs using Diego's own controlled air (set to 35ºC, 25% RH) recirculation condenser drying system, the EcoEnigma.

The result of all this work is a cup so distinct, so delicious, we can only really assume that eliciting astonishment was all part of the intent.

So, prepare to weep, prepare to laugh, this coffee is something special. Impossible aromatics, fresh peach, champagne, and a finish so long it'll still be there when the letter you write home about it arrives.

This Special Release is a 250g pack – current roast date 18/01 – final roast of this coffee

Due to limited availability we have not listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.