Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Pink Bourbon, Cauca, Colombia

Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed Pink Bourbon, Cauca, Colombia

Our first Special Release for 2021, and if this is what peaking early tastes like we're okay with that.

Perfumey florals, luscious sweetness, an obscenely silky body. This could be a geisha, but it isn't. This is really Diego and the team at Finca El Paraiso at their absolute, intentional best.

The processing treatment on our 5th release from this exceptional producer begins with a deliberate selection of 90% ripe and 10% semi-ripe pink bourbon grown at 1930masl in El Tambo, Cauca. The cherry is then washed in sterilised water to reduce microbial load before two whole-cherry fermentations.

The first in a dry aerobic state for 42hrs at 17ºC, followed by a second in a dry anaerobic state for 72hrs at 19ºC. Cherry is then pulped and the parchment dried in just 26hrs using Diego's proprietary air (set to 3% RH and 37ºC) recirculation condenser drying system, the EcoEnigma.

The result of all of this care and intention is a coffee that grabs your attention the moment you lift the cup.

It's a cup full of perfume—musk and peach aromatics on the notes lead to a pomegranate acidity moving through sweet tea, elderflower, 👌  balance and the longest, silkiest, most perfect champagne finish.

This Special Release is a 250g pack – current roast date 02 Mar

Due to limited availability we have not listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.