• Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed YN-09
  • Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed YN-09

Diego Samuel Bermudez Hyperprocessed YN-09

Get excited! It's another Diego lot with the letter Y in it!

Yes, as yexpected it's yamazing. It's all the yusual kinds of crazy with a double anaerobic fermentation, a lactobacillus inoculation, and a thermic shock. This coffee is throwing peach aroma out the cup and bringing big strawberry, litchi and wild honey on the palate. It's another example of Diego's mastery and ability to take a hardworking varietal and make it a superstar.

Possibly our tastiest lot at the moment, the newest member to Father Coffee's Competitive Barista Team® (transfer season is still open, mail us on careers@fathercoffee.co.za) secured himself the prestigious and highly coveted title of "Sixth Best Barista in Potchefstroom – 2023" using this lot (could've been 2nd if he wasn't so bad at time-management – PS. this lot from Nestor Lasso came first, and the last roast of Luis Aldana's San Bernardo locked in 2nd place).

As he explained to the judges, this coffee is first picked ripe (5% of the harvest is deliberately picked semi-ripe), then washed in sterilised water to minimise microbial activity. After this the cherry is placed in stainless steel bioreactors at 18ºC with the oxygen removed. After 48hrs, cherry is pulped then returned to the tanks with 2g of lactobacillus per kilo of coffee to drive the final fermentation at 18ºC for another 48hrs. To lock in the FLAVE the seeds are dropped into 40ºC water then 12ºC water in Diego's signature thermal shock move before heading to his proprietary closed-circuit condenser driers where the coffee is brought to 10º moisture in just 34hrs.

Gosh that's a mouthful. Just like this coffee. Get hands on it soon. The Diego coffee with Y in the code never last long.  

This is a 250g pack from our Special Release range.