Finca Inmaculada Natural Geisha

Finca Inmaculada Natural Geisha

Another tiny box! It must be Father Coffee’s birthday again.

Yes, and it’s a big one. We’ve just turned 10. To mark the occasion we’ll be releasing a whole stack of stuff. And, as always, loads of delightful coffees.

The lot in this box serves as a fitting bottle-across-the-bow to launch what is going to be a very fine year.

A geisha from famed exotic varietal producer and proponent of quality-driven agroforesty, Finca Inmaculada. Handpicked at ideal ripeness, sorted relentlessly, and dried in cherry over 20 days on purpose-built rotating bed dryers, you can look forward to orange blossom, the smoothest acidity, layered fruit sweetness, and a refreshing lightness on the palate.

Settle in, sit back, sip, savour, and enjoy. This coffee is a celebration.

This is a 100g pack – roast date 04/10

This coffee ships in 6 diff box colours, cos confetti, cos birthday, no telling which you'll get