Father Cup Cap

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After the absolute mayhem our Father x Acme 10 Year Union Mug caused, we decided that we just had to put this ICONIC takeaway cup icon on everything. This cayoot cotton cap is the first of what is now being called The Takeaway Collection®

As usual, quantities are severely limited (even more limited than the cups were). Only 25 made. What I think I am trying to get to is that if you are a mug owner and you buy this cap then you will be one of an even smaller group of people who have both. If that's not compelling enough, then nothing will be. 

The Cup Cap is made from 100% cotton in Cape Town by the superbly zhuzh folks at GoodGoodGood®

Available in black with white embroidery that was really not quite as easy to get done as it should be in the year 2023. But it's SIQUE and that's always worth it.

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