• Martha Lucía Washed Maracaturra
  • Martha Lucía Washed Maracaturra

Martha Lucía Washed Maracaturra

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This lot comes from producer, Martha Lucía Albir Sotomayor of Finca Bethania, and presents a stunning example of the maracaturra hybrid, bringing crisp, clean fruit notes to the cup.

Fittingly these big beans echo with big, juicy, sweet brews offering gooseberry and passionfruit upfront, with vanilla aromatics, and a finish like dried apricots.

Product Details
  • Producer: Martha Lucia Albir Sotomayor
  • Farm: Finca Bethania
  • Region: Octotal, Nueva Segovia
  • Variety: Maracaturra (RFA)
  • Altitude: 1400masl
  • Process: Floated, pulped, dry fermented for 24hrs then washed & dried on shaded beds Tasting Notes
  • Score: 86.25
  • Cupping Notes: Crisp & clean, juicy & sweet
  • Brew Notes: Crisp tropical fruit filters. Passionfruit shots. Toffee and dark choc capps.
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