• Mustefa Abakeno Washed #6, Agaro
  • Mustefa Abakeno Washed #6, Agaro

Mustefa Abakeno Washed #6, Agaro

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This washed lot comes from a single farmer, Mustefa Abakeno with 18 hectares of land in perhaps our favourite region, Agaro. 

Crisp notes of nectarine, red berries and sweet florals bring some lush Spring freshness to our brews.

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  • Wetmill: Beshasha Washing Station
  • Region: Agaro, Jimma
  • Variety: Indigenous heirloom varietals
  • Altitude: 2040masl
  • Cupping Score: 87.75
  • Process: Pulped, soaked & fermented for 8hrs. Sun dried on African beds for 13 - 16 days
  • Cupping Notes: Nectarine, black tea, berry & floral
  • Brewing Notes: Honey & peach filters. Dried apricot shots. Lemon cream capps.
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