Norma Iris Fiallos Maragogype Macerated Natural, Copán, Honduras

Norma Iris Fiallos Maragogype Macerated Natural, Copán, Honduras

She's back!

But, wait, before you roll out the party float, here's a bit of full disclosure:
1) Yes, this is the 90hr macerated natural Maragogype from Norma that we all know and lose our minds for,
2) but this year's harvest is not the 93-point, 1st-place-espresso-winning, showstopper of last season.
3) And, that's because coffee is a natural product and all seasons are not equal.

In addition to 2020's regular bag of tricks, it also had a heavy bout of leaf-rust in its arsenal for Norma's farm. This meant that the resulting harvest was smaller and to honour the order volumes she couldn't be as selective as she typically would be. 

But, that doesn't mean this year's lot isn't worth your time, it's still a juicy, citrusy, winey 87-point banger that is gonna deliver brilliant brews all day. Perhaps just not the tear-jerking, day-defining ones we've all been so spoilt with in the past.

We'll be committing to the 2021 Maragogype harvest again, and with the winds on our side we'll get treated to another taste her usual perfection.