Opal Carbonic Macerated Natural Pacamara, Los Pirineos, El Salvador

Opal Carbonic Macerated Natural Pacamara, Los Pirineos, El Salvador

This release was specially sourced to celebrate the launch of our new roastery mothership. And, just like the space, this coffee is enormous and has a lot going on in it.

Absurdly complex in character with a massive mouthfeel, Opal was cultivated on the Los Pirineos estate atop the Tecapa volcano in El Salvador, and presents a carbonic macerated expression of their famed natural pacamara.

In this process, red ripe cherries are hand-sorted and placed whole in sealed, temperature-controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide. Within this anaerobic environment yeast production and the breakdown of sugars is carefully manipulated toĀ createĀ deep fruit notes, huge texture, and a trulyĀ unique cup.

Expect a lotā€”Opal is immense. Bubblegum and musk aromatics lead through raspberry, cola, pineapple, and Beaujolais wine, a lush juicy mouthfeel, and an endless sweet cocoa finish.

We're getting great results on this lot everywhere from 3-25 days off roast, with filter best around 10-15 days. On our bar we're finding the espresso sweet-spot at a 1:2.5 dose-to-yield rate with relatively quick shot times.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range.Ā 

Due to limited availability we have notĀ listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.