• Bombe Dry-Fermented Washed, Sidama
  • Bombe Dry-Fermented Washed, Sidama

Bombe Dry-Fermented Washed, Sidama

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Washed Ethiopia with a twist.

The dry-fermentation on this one is a variation of the traditional washed process but skips the adding-water-during-fermentation part; kickstarting a faster, hotter fermentation which results in full and complex flavour for days before the ole tradish washing away of the mucilage.

Big and round with vanilla, citrus, apricot, and Earl Grey.

Product Details
  • Producer: Atkilt Dejene & Eyasu Bekele
  • Region: Bombe, Sidama
  • Variety: Indigenous heirloom varietals
  • Altitude: 2000-2400masl
  • Cup Score: 87
  • Process: Cherry is sorted, pulped, then rested dry in climate controlled tanks to ferment prior to washing bed-drying
  • Cupping Notes: Round and sweet, floral and fruity. Earl Grey & vanilla, apricot & orange.
  • Brew Notes: Apricot & caramel filters. Terry's Chocolate Orange shots. Peach yoghurt cortados.
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