• Diego Samuel Bermudez Pineapple Yeast Pink Bourbon
  • Diego Samuel Bermudez Pineapple Yeast Pink Bourbon

Diego Samuel Bermudez Pineapple Yeast Pink Bourbon

Diego just doesn't stop!

The experimentation at Finca El Paraiso continues. Our latest release from one of coffees most exciting producers involves his signature techniques, but with a fermentation driven by yeast isolates derived from pineapple.

We usually refer to Diego's coffees as hyperprocessed, and the explanation of the process below will make it apparent why. But the tl;dr version is that Diego and his team are masters of intentional processing to target distinct flavour profiles full of character. 

If you want to know how he gets there, below is a bit of an attempt to explain it:

To start, whole cherry is floated for immatures in water with a high ozone content to reduce microbial load on the fruit. It's then rested for a 48hr oxidation. 

Following this the cherry is pulped and seeds are subjected to a 48hr anaerobic fermentation in stainless steel tanks at 19ºC. This fermentation is driven by an inoculation of saccharomyces yeast isolates derived from pineapples.

Once complete the coffee is dropped into 40ºC water then 12ºC water for a thermic shock wash designed to lock in secondary aromas developed during fermentation.

Then, to mitigate the ups and downs of variable climatic conditions parchment is dried in three stages over 34hrs inside a purpose-built system developed by Diego that constantly recirculates low humidity air at a stable temperature. 

Look out for big sweetness, huge brightness, and lush juiciness in the cup, led by notes of orange, apricot, with violet florals and the gentle spiciness of ginger beer.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range.