Father x 4WKS Seasonal Capsules – Jaime Ariza, Colombia

Father x 4WKS Seasonal Capsules – Jaime Ariza, Colombia

Our second lot to receive the 4WKS treatment, Jaime Ariza's washed caturra from Antioquia is juicy and delicious. Huge florals, honey, and citrus all held together with a creamy mouthfeel.


We recommend these caps as short shots enjoyed black.

The Ultimate Quick Guide to Capsule Brewer Husbandry:

  • Always purge your machine with a blank shot of water when switching between coffees
  • Give the pod a good shake
  • Let each cap warm up in the machine for 5-10" before starting the brew (this also helps improve the cap's seal)
  • By short we mean 32-35g in beverage weight (the default on your Nespresso® machine's small button should give you this – you may need to reset your machine if you've ever recorded over these settings)
  • Use your caps within 4 weeks/WKS and come back for more.

This run of pods is available in sets of 30x pods inside 4WKS refillable jars with oak lids to bring vibes to your kitchen counter as well as 30-unit refill packs.


"Aren't capsules gross?" – yes, when the coffee going in is. And the same can be said for any brew method. Ever made a V60 with some incinerated supermarket beans? That'll set a new bar for gross.

"Will your Heirloom Blend be available in this format?" – try something new, live a little! But also, yes, someday, perhaps, possibly.

"Do you just grind your coffee and stick it in a pod?" – yes, but nope. The roasts sent to 4WKS are specifically roasted to extract well in the fast brew format of a capsule, and no that doesn't mean we roast darker for them. Aside from the work we do, the team at 4WKS rigorously test by refracting shots and calibrating grind settings to achieve taste and strength goals with each batch of coffee we supply. If it isn't hitting the right numbers, we start again.

"Why so expenny?" – not all coffees taste the same, and that's part of why they don't all cost the same. The lot going in to these caps isn't cheap, but truly great coffee never should be.

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