Jamison Savage Jasper Geisha, Natural Carbonic Maceration, Panama

Jamison Savage Jasper Geisha, Natural Carbonic Maceration, Panama

It's the last roast we've got of these gems so no more once this lot sells out.

This is pure literal gold. So, it’s no coincidence that we bought this lot for the South African Champion to use at the 2020 World Barista Champs.

But with the world on hold, we’re releasing this Geisha now.

Though, this isn’t just any Geisha. It isn’t just a meticulously processed natural Geisha from renowned Geisha producer, Jamison Savage, grown in the home of Geishas, Panama. Nope, this a whole load more. This is Prism and like its washed sibling, Spectrum, it has undergone a unique carbonic maceration fermentation.

In this process, dark red ripe cherries are hand-sorted and placed whole in sealed, temperature-controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide. Within this anaerobic environment yeast production and the breakdown of sugar is carefully manipulated to create deep fruit notes and some ridiculously memorable characteristics in the cup.

Expect something we could best describe as dessert in a cup—perfumey florals lead to melon & white choc, cooked dark cherry, dulche de leche & rum canelé, the creamiest mouthfeel, 10/10 balance, and a glorious finish.

This will be one of the finest coffees you have all year. Shed a tear for the would-be WBC judges that won't be tasting this. 

This is a 100g pack – roast date 29/09