Konga Indigo 1212 Carbonic Macerated Natural, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Konga Indigo 1212 Carbonic Macerated Natural, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Birthday are big news, so for our 8th one we're celebrating with one of the biggest coffees we've ever released.

And, it's a big moment for us too because this lot comes from a co-op we've featured for almost every one of the eight years we've been around – Konga. The chance to feature this carbonic macerated expression of Konga's incredible natural alongside their experimental Supernatural was a no-brainer birthday present to ourselves. We hope you'll enjoy the size of this cup too.

Like previous birthday releases, Jasper, Diamond, and Amber, this Indigo profile has gone through a unique carbonic maceration fermentation, under the guidance of CM pioneers Project Origin.

In this process, red ripe cherries are hand-sorted and placed whole in sealed, temperature-controlled tanks flushed with carbon dioxide. Within this anaerobic environment yeast production and the breakdown of sugars is carefully manipulated to reveal deep fruit notes, huge texture, and a truly memorable cup.

Everything about this coffee is intense—massive boozy fruit cake and musk aroma lead to sweet naartjie and chocolate soft serve, with a gummy mouthfeel, and a lingering chocolate finish.

We're finding incredible results with extra rest on this lot, with best results around 15-21 days off roast, so you can savour this box a little longer.

NB: this is a 250g pack from our Special Release range. 

Due to limited availability we have not listed grind options as variants. Please leave a note at Checkout with your preferred brew method if you'd like your coffee ground.