• Adrian Lasso Decaf Honey Pink Bourbon
  • Adrian Lasso Decaf Honey Pink Bourbon

Adrian Lasso Decaf Honey Pink Bourbon

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It's fair to say Adrian and his brother, Nestor at El Diviso produce some of the best coffee in the world at the moment. Their lots have been used to win two of the last three World Barista Champs.

Tasting his coffee, it's easy to see why. Adrian brings immense flavour and depth to every lot he touches.

Yes, even a decaf. This lot is a pink bourbon and he's tweaked just about every dial to create a coffee absent of caffeine, but abundant with character.

Cherry is hand-picked, floated, then anaerobically fermentated, oxidised, pulped, oxidised again, then fermented under water for another 80hrs at 40°C. Finally, the coffee gets a thermal shock wash and is dried in a honey state before sugarcane decaffeination.

A decaf in disguise—complex and evolving, find a mint and ginger effervescence upfront, clementine & grapefruit in the middle, with an all-day honey sweetness on the finish.

This is a 250g box from our Special Release range.

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  • If the extensive description above doesn't explain what an absolute bonkers coffee this is, nothing will.
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