• Marcelino Chinguel Natural Marshell
  • Marcelino Chinguel Natural Marshell

Marcelino Chinguel Natural Marshell

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Bold but refined. Tastes like a long weekend – Fanta Orange on filter and hot cross buns on milk. 

Historically (k as far back as we have sold coffee on the internet), South American coffees with dark purple labels sell out nearly as fast as coffees with a Y in the name - IYKYK. The Marshell varietal was first discovered by coffee veteran, Marcelino Chinguel and this natural expression is big, but beautiful. So it’s safe to say that this mutant Bourbon strain from Don Marcelino won’t be around long and you should add to cart immediately if not sooner.

Product Details
  • Farm: La Lucuma
  • Region: El Laurel, San Ignacio
  • Variety: Marshell
  • Altitude: 1750masl
  • Cupping Score: 87.25
  • Process: Handpicked ripe cherry is sorted, floated, then rested for 16hrs before bed drying in a solar dryer for 20-30 days.
  • Cupping Notes: Bold but refined, sweet and syrupy. Candied orange & spice, pineapple & caramel
  • Brewing Notes: Fanta Orange filters. orange & cinnamon shots. Hot cross bun cortados
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